Uncover More Sales with E-Mail Segmentation

Uncover More Sales with E-Mail Segmentation

Here’s when you know you’re a motivated marketer:

More often than not, this means you’ve absolutely got to be organized.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need a clean desk. What’s vital is you’re in total control of your business processes.

Generating revenues is one thing, but generating them efficiently is often the difference between an enterprise being stuck on continuous life support and growing it into a full-time Dot.com success.

This is especially crucial in e-mail administration and management.

New platforms for direct contact with consumers sprout out of cyberspace on a regular basis, and make no mistake, some can be extremely effective.

However, e-mail remains the warhorse that just keeps producing results for those who maximize its capabilities.

One of your most important tasks in this regard is to utilize and stay current with list segmentation.

Simply put, this is a way to parse your prospects into smaller groups based on set criteria. The purpose, of course, is to more sharply personalize your message to deliver a more relevant email marketing experience.

Remember these essential marketing realities:

  • The buying cycleis a proven consumer phenomenon, and
  • Cyberspace is vast, where a multitude of outlets market what you’re marketing, so
  • Your unique advantage over the competition is that you’re you.

Make the most of it. The sooner you can establish a personal relationship and add value to the marketing experience, the better.

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All quality autoresponders have a segmentation feature. As AWeber was the original, we’ll use it as an example:

Without question, the most important segmentation task is to move purchasers from your prospects list to your buyers list.

Nothing looks more awkward than customers who trusted you with their buying decisions receiving a message treating them like someone who’s yet to do so.

Thus, as soon as you’ve recorded your transaction details, make shifting your buyer’s name part of the process.

This is a manual function with AWeber, but it’s beyond simple:

Segmentation is also an excellent technique to deploy when using the 80/20 rule to identify your most likely purchasers.

Repeat sales are the most efficient in terms of time and effort, and they are the foundation of commercial success. Segmentation is a key factor in making them happen, facilitating constant contact and helping to cement trust with your proven customers.

Those are the ones who will look forward to receiving your emails, and you’ll look forward to doing more business with them!

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Kjell Sherman, Manager – The Norra Ljusen Trust

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