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Traffic Ivy – Review

As you know I don’t promote every program or software I stumble upon, I and my team actually went through the Traffic Ivy system (we got the early bird review access ;)). And below are my findings!

Traffic Ivy Review 

When it comes to doing proper SEO,  the backlinks should land to the right pages, the content should be SEO rich and the shares should be made in the relevant social media websites. Traffic Ivy is one such resource that helps in getting traffic for both new and old businesses. Here is a quick Traffic Ivy review for you to understand more about its effectiveness.

Traffic Ivy: Real FREE Traffic Anytime You Need

Product Name Traffic Ivy
Created By Cindy Donovan
Price/Cost $9.97 (2000 – Points) to $49.97 (10000 Points)
Recommended? Yes, Highly Recommended
Official Website

What is Traffic Ivy by Cindy Donovan?

Before we begin the Traffic Ivy review, you need to know what exactly Traffic Ivy is. It is a software that will help you draw real and good quality traffic which will actually help you in sales conversion. The software lets you keep track of every visitor that comes to your website and whether or not there has been a sales conversion. Now, this may sound like some kind of magic or something well it’s not, Cindy and her team actually automated all the steps that they were following to get laser targetted traffic to their pages and came up with software. Simple as that, and I think this thing is awesome.

About Cindy Donovan

Traffic Ivy by Cindy Donovan is a software that draws the traffic for you in a different manner than all the conventional ways you are familiar with! Before we can move ahead with more details about the Traffic Ivy software, here is what you should know about the creator – Cindy Donovan. Most Internet Marketing products related to driving internet traffic don’t have a proper owner or creator, check my Private Cash Sites review (Busted it with proofs). This, however, is not the same for Traffic Ivy. The software has been created and is owned by Cindy Donovan who is willing to share her ideas with you and leads you to a way that will help you drive traffic to your website.

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Traffic Ivy: Real FREE Traffic Anytime You Need

Donovan is an Australian marketer who has been in the online marketing industry for the past several years.

Some of the previous products include – SocioJam System which reveals to its users the tips and tricks of Facebook Marketing, InstanGenius is a plugin that Cindy created for users to help sell their products, VideVine which is again a software to drive traffic, Bitcoin Profit Secrets make a user aware of all the policies/ways on how to deal in the cryptocurrencies.

The creator guarantees social shares, Real clicks, and proper backlinks if a user puts the Traffic Ivy software to use.

The internet is all praises about this software and the Traffic Ivy reviews floating all over the internet reveals that the product does what it promises.

Traffic Ivy Features

  • You get a full breakdown of every click that has been sent. You get to see things in a detailed format.
  • When your content is shared, it comes up on the statistics page. You get a direct link to that specific share or post that has been done.
  • You also get the opportunity to rank the quality of traffic that you are getting. Thus increasing the possibilities of you getting real traffic.

Traffic Ivy: Real FREE Traffic Anytime You Need

Traffic Ivy Pros and Cons

Pros of Traffic Ivy

  • The Traffic Ivy software lets you upload videos and content on unlimited active and real accounts of various social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more.
  • You get access to traffic that never stops sharing your content in their network of blogs in a variety of categories.
  • Earn commission if you share other users content on your website.
  • Various other levels of Traffic Ivy membership gives you the freedom to do more such as created sub-user accounts, distribute your traffic points, earn more commission, etc.

Cons of Traffic Ivy

Based on the Traffic Ivy app review and trial with this software we don’t find anything wrong with this software. All it does is offer you clean and quality traffic that will help your website earn the profit that you have always been looking forward to. You can go ahead and try this software to see how it benefits you.

How to use Traffic Ivy?

Mentioned in almost all Traffic Ivy reviews, this product is extremely easy to use. You first have set up the Traffic Ivy software which includes signing up with your social account details for social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook Instagram, etc.

  • Once complete you have the freedom to upload your content where you want:
  • There are 22 different categories of blogs which can be used to drive traffic from.
  • You can post your content on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more.
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Traffic Ivy: Real FREE Traffic Anytime You Need

  • You can upload videos on several YouTube accounts. You will be receiving real traffic to your website in no time.
  • There will be multiple accounts that will continue to share your content in their network.
  • Ensure that you will get the best traffic related to what you are advertising because of the community-driven rating system.
  • You can also add other people’s content to your website which enables you to earn free credits. When you are posting your content to other people’s platforms, then you need to purchase credit to do so.

Nothing comes for free and when there is money involved the task executed has value and is not done wrong.

Traffic Ivy: Real FREE Traffic Anytime You Need - demo

Traffic Ivy Price & Discounts

For those who are impressed by the Traffic Ivy review and are interested in trying out this software then here is a quick listing on the price of Traffic Ivy.

One Time Payment Option

For those who are looking forward to testing the Traffic Ivy software as a one-time option before going ahead with a longer plan then here is what the creator has to offer:

  • $9.97 for 2,000 points
  • $29.97 for 5,000 points
  • $49.97 for 10,000 points.
Subscription Options

Users who are quite impressed by the Traffic Ivy review and look forward to being associated with it for a longer time then here are the options for them:

  • The Traffic Ivy Pro Subscription for $27 per month(Gold) gets them 5,000 traffic points for a month.
  • The Traffic Ivy Pro Subscription for $47 per month(Platinum) gets them 10,000 traffic points for a month. The Traffic Ivy price for being a pro member has certain advantages.
  • The Pro subscribers are entitled to twice as more points than what the regular members are entitled to. They are also entitled to receive premium customer support through Skype.
  • Unlike the regular members who have to wait for about 7 days to receive the points, the pro users get them in 24 hours.
Membership Option

Users who are ready to get more than just traffic also have an exciting plan which Cindy Donovan offers to them an interesting Traffic Ivy membership: The Traffic Ivy Kickstart Bundle for $97 gets them-

  • A fully hosted WordPress blog that comprises of 5 landing page systems completely managed and built-in monetization.
  • You get part access to the WordPress plugin which lets you connect your blog and automate content and traffic by first publishing your article from the Traffic Ivy marketplace to enable the people to automatically share your articles on targeted social media platforms and second by publishing the content from Traffic Ivy marketplace to your blog. So you get access to new content along with earning traffic points to fuel your shares.
  • You can create fully hosted WordPress blogs which are created with lead generation forms that auto-connect to manage affiliate marketing lists so you can earn a commission. This is just a one-time pay package and you don’t have to pay anything extra to host or any other process.
  • Once you pay the $97 you have access to a full ready to publish a blog that will drive traffic and help you earn a commission.
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Other Traffic Ivy Plans

  • Traffic Ivy Agency plan.

If you are interested in doing something better, then you can pay $197 and purchase the Traffic Ivy Agency plan.

You get the liberty to create sub-user accounts and also have the ability to allocate your traffic points to the respective sub-users.

  • 2Traffic Ivy Reseller Plan

You can become a Traffic Ivy Reseller if you pay $297.

Paying for this package gives you the authority to sell any number of accounts and earn 100% of sales made in the future.

How to Download Traffic Ivy?

Traffic Ivy download can be done only once you take one of the plans that have been mentioned above in this section. Those looking for Traffic Ivy free download will have to wait until its creator Cindy Donovan has something special for the users or decides to make this unique software available for free to the users. You can click here to check the Traffic Ivy official website.

Is Traffic Ivy a Scam?

We did our thorough research on Traffic Ivy, and full testing by actually checking everything it has to offer in the members are and found the software to be authentic. There is a whole lot of traffic that we would normally miss out on without it. This software actually helps you draw genuine traffic while also giving you the opportunity to earn additionally. Cindy Donovan’s Traffic Ivy is worth trying and it is genuine just like her other products were.

Traffic Ivy User Reviews

There are several websites on the internet that have uploaded Traffic Ivy review. All of them have spoken positively about this product. All you need to do is type Cindy Donovan Traffic Ivy review in the search box and find a list of websites that have spoken about this product.

Traffic Ivy Bonuses

There are some special Traffic Ivy bonuses that are currently being offered to the users by the creator.

Conclusion – Traffic Ivy is Recommended

Traffic Ivy by Cindy Donovan does show the potential that the creator says it offers. Based on the several positive Traffic Ivy reviews and then actually trying it we find it to be quite helpful in drawing traffic to the website.

Download Traffic Ivy – Click Here

Source: – Traffic Ivy Review – Cindy Donovan’s Traffic Boosting Tool Any Good? –  By Steve Coleman

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