Can You Really Make Money With Jordan Essentials?

Understanding Jordan Essentials

Can You Really Make Money With Jordan Essentials?

Jordan Essentials is a multi-level marketing company founded in 2000 offering healthy skin care related products as well as a business or income opportunity for those that are interested in marketing their products to others to make money. Starting in Missouri, Nancy and Ron Bogart created several formulas trying to discover what works best while remaining affordable. After some time, Nancy and Ron both realized, they were on to something and decided to expand significantly offering their products nationwide.

The Thing:

As mentioned before, Jordan Essentials offers skin care products. These products are made in the USA and are designed with botanical, natural ingredients while being affordable and free from harmful toxins. Such items offered by the company are Shower Gels, Bath Bombs, Hand Soap and Soap products in general, Face-care related products, Sun-care Lotions, Deodorants and many more! I will be discussing a few of their products below and giving a brief explanation as well.

    1. Pear and Poppy Shower Gel – This $18.00 bottle contains aloe and is designed to provide a complete clean without stripping the skin of natural oils.
    1. Hope Hand Soap – This $7.00 bottle of hand soap is eco-friendly and paraben free.
  1. Black Raspberry Vanilla Deodorant – A $12.00 black raspberry vanilla scented stick of deodorant with natural ingredients and free from harmful toxins.

The Opportunity:

The things are quite neat provided you enjoy eco-friendly, non-toxic skin care related products. However, Jordan Essentials also offers a business opportunity for individuals that love their products and would like to make money marketing their products to their friends, family, and co-workers. However, the big question still remains; can you really make money with their opportunity? In order to answer this question we must look into their compensation plan! The compensation plan offered by Jordan Essentials is quite difficult to locate. However, I have found a few ways to get paid, although, not all payouts provide exact numbers.

    1. Commissions – This is the most common payout for companies such as Jordan Essentials. You are able to earn up to 25% base commission from all products you successfully sell.


    1. Cash Bonuses – Here is where it gets disappointing. Exact numbers for this payout were not able to be discovered. However, after you sell enough products and you reach a certain volume; you will be promoted to a leadership role in the company. From being promoted, you will be able to receive a cash bonus payout.


  1. Training Bonuses – Once again, exact number weren’t able to be located. However, once you figure out how to successfully achieve massive growth within your own business you will begin making money from the first two payouts. If you, then, decide to help others achieve the same success you will be eligible to earn Training Bonuses for their success!

To Conclude, Yes, You Can Make Money From Jordan Essentials Business Opportunity!

The Cost:

If you are interested in joining Jordan Essentials and making money from having your own business re-selling their products, you will need to purchase a start-up kit. As of right now they only currently offer one start-up kit but as soon as you get it, you will be in business and ready to make an income all from home.

  1. Consultant Kit – $99.00. It comes with contents and items valued at $330.00! That’s over $200.00 of savings in products just by becoming involved! This kit provides you with training, a support network, samplers, and many other great perks. Additionally, the products included are Peace Essential Oil Spray, Dead Sea Salts, Exfoliating Salt Scrub and many more!

Final Thoughts:

The products seem decent but not original at all. Many companies in this industry offer the same exact things. Nothing about this company’s product line is original, nothing! However, maybe they are cheaper? Maybe they are even more eco-friendly than other companies? Who knows? I’m not knocking on the company by any means; their products could be much higher quality than their competition, but for me, if I’m to decide on which products to use something has to stand out! Jordan Essentials does not stand out!

The opportunity is dreadful. I like the fact that they offer more than one payout, however, it was difficult to find those payouts and even more difficult to find an actual compensation plan. Therefore, actual exact numbers are not able to be listed. This leaves me to be very worried. If I join a company, I look for great products. After that, I look to see if I will be able to make money re-selling their products. Then, I look to see how much money! Without exact numbers, I don’t feel confident that their business opportunity would put a smile on my face every month.

The cost is pretty awesome. It is the one thing about the company that definitely stands out! For about $99, you get enough products valued at $330, which is very interesting and appealing. Additionally, they offer training. It is definitely a good sign to see a company offering training. It doesn’t matter if the training works or not. The point is, they are at least trying to give their distributors or consultants a chance to achieve their dreams and desired amount of income!

*Dustin Hale is NOT affiliated with Jordan Essentials or their business/income opportunity!

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